All the video cassettes that I sell are top quality premium products. Only the best will do. With Betamax machines and parts becoming more and more scare as time goes by it simply doesn't make good sense to use poor quality tapes in a machine as precious and as hard to replace as yours. Even my specialty bulk tapes are top quality. They are only priced lower than normal because I was able to purchase them in huge lots from recording houses and tape suppliers. I am passing my savings on to you in these cases. All of my tapes are new and have never been used. I rare cases their might be a scan test recording on some but this was done for quality control and dropout testing by the manufacturer. Chances are you will never receive one of these quality control tested cassettes because they were randomly, but if you do it has nothing to do with the tape quality or usage. Good quality video tape can last a good long while and has stood the test of time, bad tape can cost you the loss of your recordings, a repair or even worse, your machine. The risk is simply not worth it.