In the upcoming steps and throughout the repair and refurbishing processes there is a ongoing need for various test tapes. The TEST RECORDING tapes shown above are blanks used to validate the recording and playback operations. The COLOR BARS tapes, with the standard color bar pattern recorded on them, are used in the different playback modes to test, adjust and proof various components characteristics. They were recorded using the color pattern generator shown in the extreme right of the photo. (The color-bars pattern is shown on the monitor to the left.) I produce them utilizing a machine that has been tested and is known to be operating perfectly. It wouldn't be very productive to use a faulty test tape when attempting to correct another machine.There are several tests that will tell us if a machine is "dead on" and can be used to make master recordings, those are coming up later. Also later we will see how several other types of test tapes are made for other applications. The "THIN" designation on some of the tapes means it is type of tape used in the L-830 and L-1000 cassettes. Each late model machine has to be able to properly track this tape. No thin test is done for the older BxI only machines that have the early tape path configuration, that is why no thin tape is made for that speed. The CLEANING CASSETTE is for the occasional speck of dirt that may show up during video heads testing, but it doesn't compare to the manual internal cleaning. Now at this point we have the test tapes and the Beta cleaned so we move on to the next operation, which is the POWER SUPPLY AND CLOCK FREQUENCY CHECK, click here. To go back to the previous page click here. To close this panel and go back to the main page click here