1. Why should I buy from your online store?
A. It is very important that you know who you are dealing with when you entrust somebody with your money and/or your Beta machine. I have prepared a short dialog that answers specific business questions. It is a special section called "Ordering Online". Please click here.
2. Can I still use the tuner in my Betamax since commercial broadcasting has changed over to digital.
A. Absolutely yes. The tuner in your Betamax will still receive analog (not digital) broadcasts. Many areas of the country still have some special interest analog programming but digital reception will require a simple converter (currently being sold across the USA) that would need to be connected to your VCR. To see the converter and the connection options click here.
3. Do you sell factory original remotes for Beta VCRs?
A. I do not sell most remotes because they have companion Beta VCRs. The only remotes I do sell are the special wired and infrared controllers featured in the "Betamax Accessories" section. You can go directly to the "Wired Controllers" index in the Accessories section by clicking here. To go to "Wireless Adapters" click here Also check out "Media Editors" for other ways to control your Betamax.
4. Do you sell factory original owner or instruction manuals?

A. No. Originals are retained for duplication. Also, in many cases the originals are yellowed from age or have frayed edges, ideal for copying, but not so good for offering to customers. Reproductions are bright, fresh and crisp. To open the panel for ordering replacement manuals click here.
5. Are the Beta owner or instruction manuals you offer exact duplicates?
A. No. Manuals with all color pages would be too expensive to duplicate exactly. The cover will be in color and the interior in black, gray tones and white. Black and white manuals are almost exact duplicates. To open the form to order replacement manuals click To open the form to order replacement manuals click here.
6. Do you sell factory service manuals?
A. No, but if you need a particular piece of information from a service manual I will try to find it and arrange for you to have it.
7. Do you sell original Beta brochures?
A. No, but if you request something I have, I may be able to make a copy available for you.
8. Do you sell parts?
A. Only on a very limited basis. I have been fortunate in being able to buy out the inventories of closed or closing authorized Beta repair centers. The parts I have in the largest quantities of are specialty ICs and internal components. Appearance parts, doors, front panels, circuit boards and the like, were seldom found in anyones inventory and are therefore quite rare. These types of parts that I presently have in stock are being retained for future Beta repair, refurbishing and resale.
9. Are your refurbished Betas as good as new?
A. No. They are reconditioned, repaired and refurbished to as close to new as feasible. In some cases, due to modifications and upgrades, they are improved.
10. Will you refurbish my Beta and how much does it cost?
A. Refurbishing is too time consuming and not economically attractive to most customers. The service reconditioning service I offer is the more cost effective and available. For this performance booster the Beta is thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and tested. The upper drum is resurfaced. This is performed to restore its friction characteristics. The guides, tension arm and reels are renewed or replaced. The pinch roller is replaced and the tape path is verified. If tape path alignment is required it is covered by the reconditioning price, in most case. This service is $89.00. For more information on the refurbished Beta is offer for purchase see the "BETA REFURBISHING" section in the main browser. (Note: a few models do not require or allow the upper drum to be resurfaced.)
11. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A. No, but I do offer a "same as factory" warranty. To see it click here.
12. How do I make a warranty claim?
A. Simply e-mail me that your item is not performing as you think it should. I will respond back with either steps to take to eliminate the problem or a request that it be returned for repair. If possible use the same cartons you received the item in when it was originally shipped to you. If you didn't retain the cartons please take care that it is safely packaged for the return trip. See: "Shipping Your Beta" for the proper method for boxing up your item. Please remember that your Beta is rare and precious, and in many cases irreplaceable. You will be responsible for the shipping charges in almost all cases.
13. If I e-mail a list of the problems my Beta is having can you help me repair it?
A. I will do what I can to research problems presented to me by Beta enthusiasts, but if it becomes too involved my help is going to limited by time restraints and reality. Repairs, in most instances, require the physical examination and testing of the unit using test equipment. In many instances just knowing what causes a symptom and what circuits are involved is not enough.
14. If I e-mail a list of the problems my Beta is having can you tell me how much it will cost to get it fixed?
A. It is not practical to remotely diagnose a problem because of so many variables. The only way to obtain an accurate repair estimate is through a hands-on examination. For information how to obtain an estimate go to "Repairing Your Beta" in this Website or click here. I also have compiled a list with most of the troubleshooting tips found in the instruction manuals. To go to that list click here (this panel will close).
15. How much does a repair estimate cost?
A. Your initial investment varies depending upon the particular design of the machine, you would need to contact me using the "Repairing Your Beta" form for a rate. In general estimate prices start at $49.00 which is applied to the final repair, should you elect to proceed. Every repair includes reconditioning and in most cases it is $89.00. The estimate will start with $89.00 plus whatever else is needed, plus shipping. To initiate a repair request click here.
16. How much time does an estimate usually require?
A. It varies with each circumstance, but usually just a couple of days.
17. Do you recondition and repair all brands of Beta VCRs?
A. I embrace all manner of Betas. These include standard Beta, SuperBeta, BetaHi-Fi, SuperBetaHi-Fi and ED Beta machines. But please note: some models are now too old to be reliably repaired and reconditioned. These I no longer work on. To see a list of the Betas that I currently repair click here.
18. Do you repair VHS VCRs or any other type of electronic equipment?
A. No. Beta is my only business.
19. Do you repair Betacam or BetacamSP machines?

A. Not normally. I have very limited information on those formats.

20. Will you purchase my Beta VCR should I decide not to proceed after the estimate?
A. I am always adding to my inventory and customers are a particularly good source of supply. Plus a past favorable experience generates an atmosphere of fair exchange and trust. Good business practices and economics however dictates what I can buy, refurbish and sell at a profit. If an item shows to have little or no interest at an online auction, then most likely it will not be a good candidate for me either. To be successful I must limit my purchases to those items that are the most appealing to the very selective and demanding Beta market.
21. How long does it take for you to recondition a Beta machine?
A. It varies depending on the condition of the machine, from several days to over a week.
22. Do you accept trade-ins or buy Beta VCRs, cameras and accessories?
A. Yes, it is another good way for me to acquire products to sell. Almost all items offered in my Website are either refurbished or new (and come with a 90 day warranty). Any item I acquire in a trade or outright purchase is going to require an investment in time, parts and labor before it can be offered for sale. Some items can command a higher price or value while some will only qualify as parts units, the difference can sometimes be a sizable amount and condition plays a big role. If you would like to investigate a trade or want to sell an item please take a few seconds and submit the "Sell, Trade or Want" form by clicking here. Fill in all the spaces provided and pay special attention to part about including the condition of your item and how much you would want for it. There is a special panel in the "Beta Refurbishing" section that can be used as a guide for evaluating a Beta machine. To open that panel click here.
23. After I make a purchase can it trade up for a better unit later?
A. Yes, each case is reviewed and handled individually.
24. Why do you not list the quantity of Betas in your inventory in your price pages?
A. My inventory is constantly changing. Items are always being refurbished and added. To maintain a current accounting of every Beta would be time consuming and impracticle. If the price page makes note that the item is in short supply this should be interpreted as meaning less than three are available.
25. Do you rent Beta VCRs?
A. Yes. Click on "Renting a Betamax" in the links on the right of my web page.
26. Do you sell adapters or patch cords?
A. Only those specialty items that perform a particular type of function. Check out "Betamax Accessories" to examine these items. RF cords, patch cords and line adapters of a general nature can usually be obtained at a local electronics shop, so I don't offer them.
27. Do you offer special quantity discounts?
A. Yes. Use the "Special Services" form to request special pricing by clicking here.
28. Do you offer a payment plan?
A. Not at this time.
29. Is it acceptable to send cash for a purchase?
A. I wouldn't advise sending cash unless the amount is small.
30. Do you accept personal checks or credit cards?
A. Personal checks are not accepted. The ONLY accepted payment methods for all merchandise purchases are Postal Money orders, money orders, certified checks, Cashier's checks or credit cards through Paypal (you are not required to have a Paypal account). Please note: PayPal is not accepted as payment for repair estimates or reonditioning.
31. Where can I purchase money orders or Cashiers checks?
A. Cashiers checks are usually acquired from a bank. Money orders are readily available from the Post Office, grocery store, money center, fast food mart, message service or bank.
32. How much does your double boxing and packing add to the shipping weight of the Beta VCR?
A. Approximately thirteen pounds fourteen ounces.
33. Where can I find the dimensions or weight for my Beta?
A. To open a panel with weights and measurements for the Beta VCRs and accessories click here.
34. Where can I buy or obtain packaging supplies?
A. Shipping cartons and boxes can be purchased from packaging centers, parcel shipping firms, moving companies, office supply stores and the US Post Office. Many of these places will also handle packing materials (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, labels, etc.).
35. Will you custom load special recording lengths for Beta cassettes?
A. Normally no, but I will evaluate a special request to see if it would be feasible to do so. Use the "Special Services" form to make this request by clicking here.
36. Is there an adapter that will allow me to play my Beta tapes in a VHS machines?
A. No. The drum size is different so even if you loaded your Beta tape into a VHS shell it would not produce a recognizable image.
37. Do you copy Beta to VHS or DVD?
A. I do not offer a service for copying Beta to DVD. But I do offer information about how is done. Go to "Copying Beta to DVD" in the links on the right in this Web page to learn more. I also do not copy VHS to DVD or Beta to VHS but there are a number of companies that do. They can be found through your local yellow pages or by using the internet. Use caution though, investigate the firms you select and get assurances that you will get your tapes returned to you in good condition. I also recommend that you examine the first question in the "Ask: MisterBetamax" section prior to committing your tapes to DVD.
38. How is the two way winder from Misterßetamax easier on tapes if it senses the tape has come to a stop before ceasing rotation?
A. My Beta winder employs a revolution detector to sense when the tape has come to a stop and a solenoid to open the cassette compartment lid. The common pop-n-stop rewinders rely on the impact of the tape coming to a stop to trip a lever or swing a pendulum arm. This releases the cassette holder, which raises up under spring pressure and trips a microswitch to stop the motor. It is the abrupt stopping and snapping action of the tape that can cause it to be wound too tight, bunch up on the reels, break or produce fish eyes. (To see examples of this type of damage click here.) Once the tape gets wrinkled from this kind of damage it is ruined. To go to the technical page on the design of my winder click here.
39. Do you manufacture your own video tape?
A. No. To be a manufacturer of video tape would require an investment of millions. I do, however, load cassettes with premium quality tape that meets my stringent standards. This gives me the freedom to reject any product that I consider to be inferior, and there are some. Best of all it allows me to load special lengths that wouldn't be available any other way.
40. How often do you update you Site?
A. It is constantly being modified and updated.
41. Is it okay to copy the images in your Website?
A. Not without my express permission. All material is covered by a general copyright. See the "Business Statement" page for more information about stealing intellectual properties or click here.
42. Does visiting your Site put any spy ware, scripts, applets or temporary files on my computer?
A. None what so ever. One cookie is stored in your browser to prevent duplication of events within the index page, and that is all. It is very small and is automatically erased when you leave my Site or close your browser. Nothing remains. I am very aware that worms, viruses and temporary files can do more than just annoy you, they can slow down or destroy your computing experience.
43. Will you recycle my old batteries and will I receive a credit towards the purchase of reloaded batteries?
A. Yes. You will receive a credit not for the internal cells themselves but for the plastic cases that contains them. To open the form for recycling click here. Be sure to mention you would like to receive a credit towards a future purchase.
44. Where can I locate the meanings or explanations for the components, terms and acronyms that appear within your Site?
A. Search for the term you require by using the "Terms" link located at the bottom of this page or click here.
45. Do you offer any universal remotes? A. No. These are something best acquired from a local electronics store.
46. What does the NTSC mean in the Beta logo?
A. Unless otherwise noted in the item's description all the products found within this Website were manufactured to operate on the USA NTSC 3.58 broadcasting standard. The NTSC Beta logo is a reminder.
47. I would like to see the instructions for the cleaning cassette and will it harm my video heads?
A. Your answers can be found in the instructions. To see the instructions click here. See the panel that opens for safety information.