1. Transferring your Beta over to DVD

2. Technical support for your Beta VCR

3. Splicing of video tape

4. Missing electronics on circuit boards

5. Specks in playback picture

6. How to tell if tape is wearing out?

7. How long do tapes last?

8. Who makes the best tape?

9. Should video heads be demagnetized

10. What is the best recording speed

11. Beta shuts down

12. Beta stops and tape spills from cassette

13. Who made Beta VCRs?

14. Picture goes blank and no sound

15. ED Beta color noise

16. Vertical bars in picture of the SL-HF2100

17. Unstable playback picture

18. Changing pitch in audio

19. Power but no operation

20. Why no 25th Anniversay Beta?

21. Why are there no more Beta machines?

22. Why VHS over Beta?

23. Tape ejects right after insertion

24. Cassette gets cocked on insertion

25. Rewinding tape stops prematurely

26. How to prolong life of Beta

27. Where to get Beta machines

28. Cleaning cassettes

29. Beta Bx1 speed recorders

30. Pulse in playback picture

31.Capstan out of control

32. Ranking the Beta format manufacturers

33. What were the first home video formats?

34. How many changers?

35. Betahi-fi adapters

36. Tracking has no effect

37. EDC-55 opens then closes lens iris when turned on

38. Noise in picture during pause

39. What does a framing servo do?

40. Noise bar in playback picture

41. Turns only off and on but no other operation

42. Changer for the SL-2700

43. Dim display in the SL-HF900

44. Using the Sony SL-HF900 for creating animation

45. SL-HF360 locks up after inserting cassette

46. World TV standards and Beta storage

47. Most difficult to work on Beta

48. Interference in picture

49. Special plug in back of some Beta VCRs

50. The video jukeboxes

51. GCS-50 and
SL-HF1000 comparison

52. Item pricing

53. Switch for clock frequency setting

54. Refurbishing Beta VCRs

55. Repairing a VHS recorder

56. Is the Sony name an acronym?

57. Clock date expires on the SL-HF2100

58. In which years were each Beta models made?

59. What does the name Beta mean?

60. The tape recording time dilemma

61. Improved dubbing by using S-Video connectors

62. Dangers of static electricity

63. Adjusting a Betamovie

64. Thinner tapes damage easier

65. What is micro timing-phase editing?

66. What are pre-roll, insert edits, etc.?

67. Is HDTV compatible with my Betamax?

68. What is edit preview?

69. What is a field?

70. What causes picture noise when tranferring film to video?

71. Which was the most popular Beta model made?

72. Why are Beta machines noisy?

73. Why is picture frozen on digital VCR?

74. Does using the SL-HF900 tuner only for TV stations harm it?

75. Do you own a dog named Max?

76. Is Vidimagic only model?

77. Specks in picture from time to time

78. No color

79. Best Betas ever made

80. Pulsing clock display

81. Beta model numbering system

82. What does Sanyo B-Cord mean?

83. Shutdown after difficulty threading

84. Regular and SuperBeta compatibility

85. Unit only runs in reverse

86. What is the DOC circuit?

87. What does PCM do?

88. What is a time-lapse Beta recorder?

89. Can tapes with mold in them be safely played back?

90. Can I put a cover on my VCR to protect it from dust and dirt?

91. How can I tell when my cleaning cassette is worn out?

92. Pictured scrambled and audio is high pitched

93. Can NTSC 4.43 tapes be played in NTSC 3.58 recorder?

94. How does a pinch roller get dirty?

95. How are the Betamax and Betacam formats different?

96. What are multi-format Betas?

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