You've got a lot of important memories packed away on those Beta video tapes. Wouldn't it be nice if you could preserve them in such a way that you could virtually eliminate any concern about damage or loss? And wouldn't it also be nice if they were easy to find, easy to handle and simple to store. Wouldn't that be attractive? You can do this by taking advantage of advanced DVD technology. Digital video disks offer a simple, exciting and organized way to make your history safe and accessible. DVDs also offer some distinct viewing advantages over video tape. You would no longer have to wait for a tape to rewind or fast forward because jumping from one scene to another is almost instantaneous. With DVDs you can pause, step, zoom in or slow down the picture to savor every movement. Converting your Beta tapes to DVD is simple with the right equipment. Before you start your project you should give serious thought to getting your VCR reconditioned or repaired, I can do that for you. Think of the rewards. On demand memories whenever you want to see them, the way you want to watch them, using cutting edge technology. You know you want and need to do this. It is not that hard. The hardest part has already been done. You already have all the raw footage "in the can!" (Movie talk for "all the scenes are already completed.") Don't let your precious memories slip away. To find out how the process is done click here.