About the Misterßetamax Website

This Website was created to expand upon an established service and repair business that focused almost exclusively on the Beta format. It was published for the first time in 2000 with several departments and has grown steadily to become a centralized hub offering information, merchandise, supplies, service, repair and commentary to the faithful followers of Beta. In 2003 the original and online enterprises were combined and all areas of operation were shifted to operate under the banner of MisterBetamax. As part of this transition the Beta inventory was enlarged and all future operations were directed to supporting only the Beta format. It is the intention of the MisterBetamax company to provide and maintain this Website until interest in the format ceases or until it is no longer feasible to continue its upkeep. Information on the policy, law, vision and business operation concerning this Website are available by accessing the links at the bottom of this page. You may also wish to become familiar with the FAQs (frequently asked questions), TERMS and FIND links located below this window. These will open special panels that provide answers to questions and access to additional information, graphs, illustrations and terms. Some of this material is only available from these locations.

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